Black Truffles

October 9, 2013 in Food

Black Truffles In Switzerland

Although France and Italy are world renown for their famous White and Black Truffles, Switzerland also is a known location where the “Black Diamonds” can be found. The Tuber Uncinatum can be found in most regions of Switzerland and have an aroma that is extremely fine. There is another “Truffle” in Switzerland, but those are made by the Chocolatiers and Confectioner…

Black Truffles Switzerland

The Truffles are searched for between the months of October right through to the end of January.Many years ago a female pig was used to search for Truffles but usually once found, the Truffle became the pigs food, eaten before the handler could get to the prized delicacy.

Today, most Truffles are located with the help of a specially trained dog as canines have an extraordinary perception of smells and odors. It has been said that any dog breed can be taught to discover Truffles, but there are some breeds that excel over others. Most notably are the following breeds who are as well used for narcotics detection, bomb detection, agriculture detection, etc. The most famous “Truffle Dog” breed is the Lagotto Romagnolo a medium sized dog with a heavy coat of hair. Other breeds used to search for Truffles are Belgium Malinois and more common is the Hungarian Vizsla which is a very versatile hunting dog.

There is a website dedicated to “Hunting Black Truffles” in Switzerland which describes in words and images the birth and training of a female Vizsla puppy named “Tuli” and their search for Black Truffles..

Vizsla puppies

Also well known in Switzerland is the legendary “Truffle King” Fredy Balmer from the Canton Jura.

His first contact with truffles had been as an apprentice cook. Fredy Balmer has since then been involved with Black Treuffles , be it looking with his two dogs, Tomi & Zizou or in the manufacturing and preparation of homemade truffle delicacies.  Over 40 years Fredy Balmer has been enjoying his passion for the black diamonds.


Cable Cars – Cable Transport – Ski Lifts

September 20, 2013 in Machinery

Cable Cars of Switzerland

Switzerland is amongst other things, world renown and famous for their Alpine aerial lift systems and networks. Aerial lifts we talk about now refer to cable transport that include aerial tramways, Chairlifts, Funifors, Funitels, Cable Cars and Gondola lifts for transporting both passengers and freight.

An aerial tramway, cable car, or aerial tram is a type of aerial lift which uses one or two stationary cables for support while a third moving cable provides propulsion. Depending on the size of the cable cars, line speeds and line lengths, transport capacities can vary between 1 and 2,000 persons or more per hour.

Swiss Innovation

The Swiss company Graventa AG, which is now currently owned by Doppelmayr, currently has product lines that include ropeway & cable systems for passenger transport. They also are constructed for material transport, avalanche blasting lifts, and cable-propelled systems for public transport.

The most famous Swiss cable car is the Titlis Rotair, located in Engelberg, Switzerland, canton of Obwalden.

Since 1992, Titlis has been the highest point in central Switzerland to transport visitors to the top of the Alps.

Titlis Rotair Cable Car


Von Roll AG of Switzerland was famous for their earlier cable transport systems and gongolas implemented in the Alpine regions of Switzerland.

Swiss Alps

Although the Swiss Alps are covered in chairlifts, cable cars and gondolas transporting tourists for winter sports and summertime trekking, there are currently no world records held by Switzerland for their cable transport systems.

Even though accidents involving cable cars are rare in Switzerland, they do sometimes happen, which is usually because of human error instead of manufacturing irregularities or non conforming standards of safety applied.

Ski Lifts in Switzerland

A ski lift is a power-driven conveyor, usually with attached tow bars, suspended chairs, or gondolas, used to carry skiers to the top of a trail or slope. Sometimes they are also called a ski tow, chairlift, surface lift or rope tow.



March 30, 2013 in Sporting Goods

Snowboards Made In Switzerland

Since the beginning of Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, there  have been many Swiss pioneers noted for the development of Alpine snowboards and related gear.

Being centrally located to the famous Swiss Alps where one can snowboard all year round, many famous snowboard brands have their roots in Switzerland. Pro riders collaborate with many snowboard designers located in Switzerland to further the advancement in snowboard technology such as snowboard boot bindings, snowboard boots, and most important is snowboard safety gear. Besides involvement in design and development of high tech snowboards, the companies in Switzerland are also involved in fashionable riders clothing, masks, goggles, glasses, and snowboarding pants.

Best Nidecker SnowboardOne of the better known brands in Switzerland for Snowboards and accessories is the company “Nidecker

Nidecker snowboards offer boards in the following snowboard lengths/sizes…

158, 163, 163 XL, 167 XL, 153, 155, 157, 157 XL, 159 and as well custom freestyle snowboard sizes for large people, and smaller custom versions for kids who want to ride snowboards.

Freestyle Boards for Racing & Competition

Advanced technology has certainly been a blessing to the advancement of technical freestyle snowboarding as Snowboard competitions draw large crowds for a winter sport. Some of the best snowboards for freestyle competition are made in Switzerland, including such famous and well known brands like “SnowBlind” which make made to order, custom hand made snowboards, per specification.

Best Kessler Snowboard

Another well known Snowboard manufacturer is the company “Kessler” which pride themselves in both Snowboards and Skis for both racing and alpine competition. The Kessler Snowboard company develops a customised product for a professional rider and premium-prototype snowboards for serial production.

The shapes of Swiss made snowboards has evolved over the years, integrating both high technology and new materials which offer the manufacturers endless possibilities to transform high quality woods into top quality,Olympic quality snowboards. As always, the aforementioned companies strive in “Swiss Quality” with all of their products.

Now, going onto amazing Swiss Made Boards, this company makes both custom Skateboards & Snowboards from Pumpkin Snowboards, where you can design your very own custom snowboard or skate deck. Personalized, custom snowboards made after your wishes for personal use or marketing purposes.

Pumpkin Snowboards