Jura Wines

February 16, 2013 in Wine

Wine From Jura

In the French speaking part of Switzerland in the Canton of Jura there are many high quality, biological wines being produced.

The regional vineyards are producing a variety of award winning red and white wines, which have been lately regarded as some of the best wines being produced now in Switzerland.

One wine producer well known in the region is the Master Winemaker Mr. Martin Buser who owns and operates the Vin Du Jura or Jura Wine , winery in Liesberg, Switzerland.

Swiss Bio Wines

Swiss Red Winef

In regards to Biological wines produced by Martin Buser, he says the following;

Finally they realize that my wines are absolutely pure nature and the diversity of the floristic composition of the spaces between the rows guaranteed. This consequence I pursue for 30 years!

The entire winery operation is certified organic, the Vin Du Jura  wine production is completely labeled “Bio Suisse”.

Growning over 70 varieties of wine producing grapes, Martin Buser has a wide knowledge of producing and making high quality wines. Due to a low production level, the wines are sold in the region only, supplying some of the finer restaurants in the Jura and Basel regions. Fine white wines like Saphira, Gutedel, Solaris, Chasselas, and Gewürztraminer are amongst the very best, and the red wines with grapes like Cabernet Carol, Cabernet Cortis, Cabernet Corbon one can expect an amazing Cabernet Cuvèe.

Bio wine production in Switzerland has been extensive, spreading rapidly across the wine producing regions of Switzerland. The results have shown that the Swiss have relied on their long standing tradition of quality products.

BioSuisse Jura Wine

Another well known Cabernet Cuvèe from Switzerland is the Obermumpfer “Damart Cabernet Cuvèe” which is very rich in tanins and with elegant hints of berries, vanilla being a well rounded, exceptional wine. Again, production is very low and vintage supplies are bought years in advance by local consumers. The average price of a Bio Swiss wine will cost approxiamately CHF30 to CHF 50 per bottle when bought direct from the winery, expect to pay double the price in a restaurant.