Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox

February 15, 2013 in Instruments, Kitchen Utensils, Tools

The Swiss Army Knife…

The official Swiss Army Knife has a very long tradition going back to the year 1884, founded by Karl Elsener.

The Swiss company Victorinox has expanded its product line to include not only pocket knives, household knives, professional knives, but also fragrances, watches travel gear and electronic products.

VIctorinox success story began with the official “Officers Knife” in 1897 that had multiple tools besides a sharp blade for cutting.

Original Swiss Army Knife

Professional Chefs Kitchen Knives

High quality forged knives made from chromium steel, are made for both the professional butcher and the professional chef.

Victorinox produces a wide range of Swiss Made knives for slicing, carving, fileting, boning meats, fish and other food products.

Kitchen Sharpening Steel

Sharpening Knives

Keeping a knife sharp is very important when it comes to doing the job well and knife sharpening tools are also made in Switzerland by Victorinox.

Sharpening steels can be found in the home, professional kitchens, are used by your local butcher daily. Depending on the blade or knife to be sharpened, there are different degrees of coarseness of sharpening steels.

Professional Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves

Working with sharp knives can be dangerous and it is recommended that you protect your hands from getting cut.

Commercial kitchens, meat processing plants, and other food related procedures that require the use of a sharp instrument require employees to use cut resistant gloves for protection and germ contamination.


PB Swiss Tools

February 15, 2013 in Machinery, Tools

PB Swiss Tools

PB Swiss Tools is a Swiss family owned business, located in Wasen, Bern in the central part of Switzerland.

With a large line of “Swiss Quality” hand tools and medical instruments, PB Swiss Tools is a worldwide leader in their industry.

Featuring such hand tool products like professional screwdrivers, torque tools, Voltage testers, Ratchets and pocket tools. They also offer a wide range of striking tools, precision drill bits and high quality professional wrenches.

Swiss Made Screwdriver
Staying true to the “Swiss Quality” label of innovating Swiss made products, PB Swiss Tools also manufactures orthopedic implants and instruments such as single use inserts, screwdriver inserts, operating drills, and retraction reamers.

PB Swiss Tools prides itself on the use of such materials…

as “HSS otherwise known as High Speed Steel”, transparent “CAB” also known as Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, tungsten carbide, titanium and other specially alloyed metals.
PB Swiss Tools

Specialty tools…

such as Awls, Scribers, Pick Tools, and Key L wrenches are made with titanium and have a wide range of applications.Including not only Electrical, but also for Medical Engineering, Computer Tomography, Aerospace Engineering, Drilling and Chemical industries.
Swiss Quality features like Corrosion resistant, Anti magnetic, high material strength, high thermal stress points, and being lighter than conventional hand tools due the the extreme lightness of titanium.
Besides ensuring that each product maintains a high quality in both design and production, PB Swiss Tools also color code their tools.

100% Made In Switzerland

The quality labels of PB Swiss Tool company stand for quality, lifelong guarantee, outstanding product innovation and ecological responsibilities.

Contact PB Swiss Tools for professional and do-it-yourself tools that are entirely developed and produced in Switzerland.

PB Swiss Tools
Bahnhofstrasse 24
CH-3457 Wasen/Bern