March 30, 2013 in Sporting Goods

Snowboards Made In Switzerland

Since the beginning of Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, thereĀ  have been many Swiss pioneers noted for the development of Alpine snowboards and related gear.

Being centrally located to the famous Swiss Alps where one can snowboard all year round, many famous snowboard brands have their roots in Switzerland. Pro riders collaborate with many snowboard designers located in Switzerland to further the advancement in snowboard technology such as snowboard boot bindings, snowboard boots, and most important is snowboard safety gear. Besides involvement in design and development of high tech snowboards, the companies in Switzerland are also involved in fashionable riders clothing, masks, goggles, glasses, and snowboarding pants.

Best Nidecker SnowboardOne of the better known brands in Switzerland for Snowboards and accessories is the company “Nidecker

Nidecker snowboards offer boards in the following snowboard lengths/sizes…

158, 163, 163 XL, 167 XL, 153, 155, 157, 157 XL, 159 and as well custom freestyle snowboard sizes for large people, and smaller custom versions for kids who want to ride snowboards.

Freestyle Boards for Racing & Competition

Advanced technology has certainly been a blessing to the advancement of technical freestyle snowboarding as Snowboard competitions draw large crowds for a winter sport. Some of the best snowboards for freestyle competition are made in Switzerland, including such famous and well known brands like “SnowBlind” which make made to order, custom hand made snowboards, per specification.

Best Kessler Snowboard

Another well known Snowboard manufacturer is the company “Kessler” which pride themselves in both Snowboards and Skis for both racing and alpine competition. The Kessler Snowboard company develops a customised product for a professional rider and premium-prototype snowboards for serial production.

The shapes of Swiss made snowboards has evolved over the years, integrating both high technology and new materials which offer the manufacturers endless possibilities to transform high quality woods into top quality,Olympic quality snowboards. As always, the aforementioned companies strive in “Swiss Quality” with all of their products.

Now, going onto amazing Swiss Made Boards, this company makes both custom Skateboards & Snowboards from Pumpkin Snowboards, where you can design your very own custom snowboard or skate deck. Personalized, custom snowboards made after your wishes for personal use or marketing purposes.

Pumpkin Snowboards