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September 20, 2013 in Machinery

Cable Cars of Switzerland

Switzerland is amongst other things, world renown and famous for their Alpine aerial lift systems and networks. Aerial lifts we talk about now refer to cable transport that include aerial tramways, Chairlifts, Funifors, Funitels, Cable Cars and Gondola lifts for transporting both passengers and freight.

An aerial tramway, cable car, or aerial tram is a type of aerial lift which uses one or two stationary cables for support while a third moving cable provides propulsion. Depending on the size of the cable cars, line speeds and line lengths, transport capacities can vary between 1 and 2,000 persons or more per hour.

Swiss Innovation

The Swiss company Graventa AG, which is now currently owned by Doppelmayr, currently has product lines that include ropeway & cable systems for passenger transport. They also are constructed for material transport, avalanche blasting lifts, and cable-propelled systems for public transport.

The most famous Swiss cable car is the Titlis Rotair, located in Engelberg, Switzerland, canton of Obwalden.

Since 1992, Titlis has been the highest point in central Switzerland to transport visitors to the top of the Alps.

Titlis Rotair Cable Car


Von Roll AG of Switzerland was famous for their earlier cable transport systems and gongolas implemented in the Alpine regions of Switzerland.

Swiss Alps

Although the Swiss Alps are covered in chairlifts, cable cars and gondolas transporting tourists for winter sports and summertime trekking, there are currently no world records held by Switzerland for their cable transport systems.

Even though accidents involving cable cars are rare in Switzerland, they do sometimes happen, which is usually because of human error instead of manufacturing irregularities or non conforming standards of safety applied.

Ski Lifts in Switzerland

A ski lift is a power-driven conveyor, usually with attached tow bars, suspended chairs, or gondolas, used to carry skiers to the top of a trail or slope. Sometimes they are also called a ski tow, chairlift, surface lift or rope tow.


PB Swiss Tools

February 15, 2013 in Machinery, Tools

PB Swiss Tools

PB Swiss Tools is a Swiss family owned business, located in Wasen, Bern in the central part of Switzerland.

With a large line of “Swiss Quality” hand tools and medical instruments, PB Swiss Tools is a worldwide leader in their industry.

Featuring such hand tool products like professional screwdrivers, torque tools, Voltage testers, Ratchets and pocket tools. They also offer a wide range of striking tools, precision drill bits and high quality professional wrenches.

Swiss Made Screwdriver
Staying true to the “Swiss Quality” label of innovating Swiss made products, PB Swiss Tools also manufactures orthopedic implants and instruments such as single use inserts, screwdriver inserts, operating drills, and retraction reamers.

PB Swiss Tools prides itself on the use of such materials…

as “HSS otherwise known as High Speed Steel”, transparent “CAB” also known as Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, tungsten carbide, titanium and other specially alloyed metals.
PB Swiss Tools

Specialty tools…

such as Awls, Scribers, Pick Tools, and Key L wrenches are made with titanium and have a wide range of applications.Including not only Electrical, but also for Medical Engineering, Computer Tomography, Aerospace Engineering, Drilling and Chemical industries.
Swiss Quality features like Corrosion resistant, Anti magnetic, high material strength, high thermal stress points, and being lighter than conventional hand tools due the the extreme lightness of titanium.
Besides ensuring that each product maintains a high quality in both design and production, PB Swiss Tools also color code their tools.

100% Made In Switzerland

The quality labels of PB Swiss Tool company stand for quality, lifelong guarantee, outstanding product innovation and ecological responsibilities.

Contact PB Swiss Tools for professional and do-it-yourself tools that are entirely developed and produced in Switzerland.

PB Swiss Tools
Bahnhofstrasse 24
CH-3457 Wasen/Bern

Professional Tattoo Machines

February 15, 2013 in Machinery

Tattooing is popular the world over and there are an amazing number of tattoo suppliers from all over the world now.

This article is about…

Swiss made, custom handcrafted, professional tattoo machines and equipment.

Tattooed name lettering

Professional tattoo equipment has been mostly designed and developed by the tattoo artists themselves who looked for ways to improve their abilities.

Today, tattoo equipment can be bought online from Asian suppliers who mostly offer cheap and inferior products, usually copies from well known tattoo equipment brands.

Professional tattoo artists who are serious about their work and quality of the material and tattoo machines only purchase their equipment through professional tattoo supply companies.

Swiss Made Tattoo Machine

When it comes to Swiss Quality

Tattoo machine builder and artist Kaco from Fribourg, Switzerland has built a strong client following with his handmade, custom tattoo machines.

Using a variety of materials like steel, cast iron, bronze, and brass, Kaco machine frames are designed with the tattoo artist in mind.

tattoo machine switzerland

Hand wound coils, Blue Steel Springs, high tech machined parts…

Swiss Made With Love

And made with ” TLC”, Kaco tattoo machines are worth every Swiss Franc spent as these machines will last a lifetime. Liners and Shaders are sold separately or as a set., these are “professional tattoo machines” and are dangerous in the hands of a person with no tattooing experience.

liner shader tattoo machine set

You can order directly from Kaco Tattoo Supply on his website

Sales are worldwide and you must be a professional tattoo artist to purchase any equipment.